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practicing in teeth whitening, dental implants, cosmetic and preventative dentistry, is dedicated to creating and preserving beautiful and healthy smiles. A professional Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic and Preventative Dentistry, Dedicated to Creating and Preserving Beautiful and Healthy Smiles

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Dr. Kochman personally treats each patient undergoing cosmetic dentistry or implant procedures, and he sees each and every patient that comes through the doors of the Kochman Centre for cosmetic dentistry. He is highly experienced and his personal passion for dentistry causes him to constantly strive to learn the latest techniques and methods of treatment and provide patients with the newest technology.

Having a perfect smile can change your life - a smile can complete a person's life both socially and in business. Today, the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry enable people of all ages and income levels to have a perfect smile. The Kochman Centre takes pride in providing a unique dental experience. Attention to every individual's personal needs, both physical and emotional, is paramount. We provide the best cosmetic and preventive dentistry in Canada.

Dr. Mark Kochman is a general practitioner who practices in the surgical, restorative, and prosthetic phases of full-mouth re-constructive dentistry, and he is an in-demand lecturer, charismatic teacher and author who is celebrated nationally and internationally for a myriad of accomplishments. A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto in 1981, Dr. Kochman has trained in several implant systems and practiced both implant surgery and implant prosthetics since 1985.

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