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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are used to correct problems such as damage, fractures, decaying, badly stained teeth, teeth that are heavily filled, chipped, or broken, and gaps. Dental crowns can also be considered as another approach to correcting crowded, rotated teeth. If a tooth has had root canal treatment, or if a tooth has lost a lot of its natural structure, a crown should be placed for strength and longevity.

Skillfully fabricated porcelain crowns can defy detection, and porcelain is the preferred material at the Kochman Centre. To prepare a tooth for a crown, some of the tooth is removed to create a structure to support the crown. An impression is made of the reduced teeth and a temporary crown is put in place to function while the crown is being made. Dr. Kochman creates models for the final crowns based on the impressions and input from the patient. A master ceramist then creates the crowns based on the models. The final crown is bonded into place, and patients will have beautiful, natural-looking crowns.

Bridges are permanent option to replace missing teeth. A bridge is comprised of a porcelain replacement tooth that is cemented to the adjacent teeth, which ensures that it does not come off.



Worn natural teeth due to grinding and an improper bite.

Porcelain crowns and bite correction.